Hello! My name is Heidi Good Swiacki. I have been married to Steve for 25 years, which has been filled with laughter, trust and love. We have 2 great kids, Ashton 22 and Chris 16. I have ALS, aka Lou Gehrigs Disease. I was officially diagnosed March '05, I was just turning 45. This blog will be about a myriad of topics. I will share my ALS story which will hopefully encourage others. It will show that quality of life comes in many forms. I have to tell you up front that there will be some spiritual references. Don't be afraid or turned off by that. Since I have had ALS I have seen many miracles. Let's be realistic, who can be a happy, non-verbal,ventilated quadriplegic without Faith? I hope you will join me and make this an interesting, educational, inspirational forum. Humor and the ability to enjoy life is required! :)

Heidi passed away 3-25-13 :(

August 4, 2013

Hello, Steve here. To help with the healing process, I am going to continue on with Heidi's blog, primarily talking about our lives and how we as a family are learning to live on with Heidi's memories pushing us forward. Topics covered will be geared towards the affects ALS has on loved ones.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

THE END MARCH 19, 2016

Heidi, I was called into a meeting this past Friday with the DA's office. Based on the "law" their hands are tied, they are unable to retry your mother for your death.

Why, my feelings don't really matter, they have not mattered throughout the proceedings.

Your death blazed new trails in the annals' of our justice system. I was told that there was no case law as to what happened with the jury misconduct regarding your mother. They signed jury slips stating she was not guilty of 1st degree murder, they signed jury slips stating she was not guilty of manslaughter. Now theoretically these should be presented during the conviction phase of our glorious court proceedings, they were not due to our system declaring a mistrial. Jury misconduct.

But for some reason, they are recorded and the only thing the DA's office can pursue is involuntary manslaughter. This being said, they are unable to present the 2.5 years of evidence gathering for said charge, as all of there evidence is geared towards 1st degree murder.

So long story short, your mother got away with murder, as the prosecution's evidence is impermissible for involuntary manslaughter. So come 3/21 they are going to move on, leaving your mother gloating with her cheering section that she has been exonerated.

This is far from the truth, the only two people who know what happened are the two women who accused me of murdering you. We will never know what happened, but the questions in my mind are real.

Why did they immediately accuse me of murdering you?

How did the drugs get into your system which the experts stated you were sedated to the point of being passed out prior to your respirator being tampered with.

Why did your mothers stories change from  her being in the room 5 minutes before the caregiver got home to being out in the yard for the 30 minutes your respirator sounded  that you were not getting air.

Your mother never left your side more than a few minutes when she was left with you alone. So I don't buy she was trimming hedges for 30 minutes and forgot about her daughter.

Why did your caregiver disappear without a forwarding address soon after she was interrogated in July 2013. If it were an accident as noted by the chest pounding of the defense, why did they not state that right off.

I want to try and do something about the victim blame the defense lawyers slammed me with during the 2.5 days I was on the stand. These arrogant, abusive lawyers are above the law when it comes to diverting the focus from the truth. Were you sedated or not? Why did your mother's stories change. There needs to be legislative action preventing this abuse of a witness who never wanted any of this to happen.

Sweetie, it is over.

Your birthday is close, we will celebrate the woman you are, we will celebrate the example you set for us all, I will celebrate knowing you loved your family. I was the luckiest man alive that you chose me.

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